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The Peerless Motor Car Club is a non-profit corporation EIN#39-1926254 The membership fee covers postage and printing cost for the Peerless newsletter, the roster of Peerless owners, and the website. You do not have to own a Peerless to belong!

But there are advantages to membership, such as the member roster and the fabulous spreadsheet of "Known Peerless Automobiles In Existence" by Jeff Brown

Welcome to the Peerless Motor Car Club web site. Peerless has an interesting history going from wringers to beer but they are best known for their fine automobiles. Peerless cars were expensive and had a limited production, as a result there are few in existence today.   In 1989 Don Bettes started a roster of Peerless owners and printed a newsletter styled after the original dealer newsletters called the Co-Operator. By 1993 we had a mailing list of one hundred Peerless owners and decided to incorporate as The Peerless Motor Car Club and continue a newsletter to enable Peerless owners to communicate with one another for parts and information.   The role of the Peerless Motor Car Club and web site is to help those interested in Peerless with: information, history, parts, restoration and maintenance of Peerless automobiles.
Richard H. Lichtfeld,

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