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The Three P's

The Famous "3 P's" of American motordom in the teens and twenties were considered the finest cars available- Packard, Pierce-Arrow and Peerless.

In its beginnings, Peerless had quite a lot in common with Packard and Pierce-Arrow.  They began by making clothes wringers (Pierce-Arrow made birdcages,) then both Pierce Arrow and Peerless  turned to bicycles in the 1890s, and their first cars were both light runabouts powered by single-cylinder De Dion-Bouton engines.

Many collectors recognize the high performance and stylish luxury of the Peerless motorcars, living up to the slogan "All That The Name Implies" as well as their marketing description of "Comfort and Silence".

Peerless is the rarest of the 3 P's as it was only produced from 1900-1932. Another important note is to remember that Peerless did not go out of business due to the Great Depression. Rather, the Board of Directors voted to change the business planned direction to a newly opened market, brewing beer (Carling Black Label). With the end of Prohibition, it was much more lucrative to cater to the beer market than to produce luxury cars, with the impending Depression and subsequent World War II on the horizon.

Perhaps it was good news for stockholders, but certainly bad news for the loyal owners of Peerless Motor Cars.  The final Peerless produced was a one of a kind, V-16 aluminum bodied masterpiece.

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From Our Club Historian- Mr. Jefferson Melland Brown