There were supposed to be 12 Peerless girls total. Maybe there were, we only have record of 11. It was an advertising "stunt" by the agency hired by Peerless. The belief behind the campaign was to sell the car to the ladies as Peerless recognized the influence they had over their husbands. The campaign was to run for several years.

An individual has emailed us stating that they thought the peerless girl was actually like a pinup girl to entice men to look at the Peerless car. It was claimed that Peerless actually had these models at car show rooms and the auto expo. Could this have been the first "Snap On Tool" type girl?

This information is believed to be factual to the best of our knowledge, however we have nothing to substantiate it. There is very little information available regarding her. If YOU have information regarding the Peerless Girl please contact us!

Peerless Motor Car Club